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New Chinese President Looking to Religion to Fill Moral Void

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Corruption has become so bad in China, the new president is now looking to religion to potentially fill the moral void.

The predictions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama that the new Chinese President, Xi Jinping, might come forward with humane reforms in dealing with Tibet appear to be coming true. The Central Tibetan Administration reported on Sept. 30, 2013, “Xi Jinping hopes traditional faiths can fill moral void in China: sources.”
In perhaps one of the most radical reformist statements in dealing with China‘s traditional cultures since the Communist Revolution under Mao, Xi has said he hopes China’s traditional cultures, or faiths, which include Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, will help fill a void which has allowed corruption to flourish.
President Xi Jinping has expressed feelings that he sees China as losing its moral compass and he wants the ruling Communist Party to be more tolerant of traditional faiths, with hopes these will help fill a vacuum which has been created by the country’s enormous growth and rush to get rich. Xi grew up in Mao’s puritan China and he has been is troubled by what he sees as the country’s moral decline and blind obsession with money.

Author: Daniela

I was born in Croatia, at that time Yugoslavia. My family moved to the US when I was very young, but I still treasure the memories of my grandfather teaching me how to protect myself against the "evil eye," my grandmother shopping early every morning, at the open air market, to buy the freshest vegetables for the day's meals, and the traditions that were the underpinnings of our society. Someone once noted that "For all of us that want to move forward, there are a very few that want to keep the old methods of production, traditions and crafts alive." I am a fellow traveler with those who value the old traditions and folk wisdom. I believe the knowledge they possess can contribute significantly to our efforts to build a more sustainable world; one that values the individual over the corporation, conservation over growth and happiness over wealth.

One thought on “New Chinese President Looking to Religion to Fill Moral Void

  1. I lived there for 3 years and it’s pretty bad The country and people are wonderful, but the system there is crazy.

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