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Sunday Prayer

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Chilly fall morning, the deck rimed with frost. Warm and serene at the kitchen table in the early hours of the day. Buddy’s outside, bright yellow ball closely guarded at his side, erect and alert, nose twitching – sniffing, sniffing something interesting in the air.

The sky ribboned in pale blue, rose and the faintest tinge of yellow. The dun colored field meets the horizon. Bare branches – brown and bleak implore the sky. A hawk soars silently and circles – red tail proudly splayed. All’s secure and still below.

Espresso’s bubbling on the gas range, the familiar scent of morning coffee wafting in the air. The toaster oven dings. A small feast awaits – bread, crisp and lightly browned, topped with a pat of butter and apricot jam.


Author: Daniela

I was born in Croatia, at that time Yugoslavia. My family moved to the US when I was very young, but I still treasure the memories of my grandfather teaching me how to protect myself against the "evil eye," my grandmother shopping early every morning, at the open air market, to buy the freshest vegetables for the day's meals, and the traditions that were the underpinnings of our society. Someone once noted that "For all of us that want to move forward, there are a very few that want to keep the old methods of production, traditions and crafts alive." I am a fellow traveler with those who value the old traditions and folk wisdom. I believe the knowledge they possess can contribute significantly to our efforts to build a more sustainable world; one that values the individual over the corporation, conservation over growth and happiness over wealth.

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