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Meteorites May be Responsible for Life on Earth

The Pentagon Post features an article by Ike Miller that delves into a fascinating hypothesis of how meteorites may have been responsible for life on earth:

Scientists were surprised to find that a meteorite that landed in California in 2012 contained all the essential ingredients necessary for the evolution of life.
"Seeds for Life Found In Meteorite"
The Meteorite that exploded over California was studied by scientists at Arizona State University and was found to contain vital ingredients which can help scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe and throw some light on the evolution of life on Earth.
The meteorite, christened Sutter’s Mill was studied by a research team led by a Professor Sandra Pizzarello in ASU’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  According to Pizzarello:
“The analyses of meteorites never cease to surprise you … and make you wonder. This is a meteorite whose organics had been found altered by heat and of little appeal for bio- or prebiotic chemistry, yet the very Solar System processes that lead to its alteration seem also to have brought about novel and complex molecules of definite prebiotic interest such as polyethers.”
The findings have huge implications as they add weight to the hypothesis that life originated in outer space and meteorites acted as seeds by depositing organic molecules which led to the evolution of life in suitable environments.