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Kurultaj Festival Celebrates Culture and History of the Hun-Turkic-Hungarian Peoples

The ‘Kurultaj Festival’ is traditionaly held in Hungary to celebrate the culture and history of the Hun-Turkic-Hungarian peoples.

This year the festival started on Aug. 9 and ended on Aug. 11. The Kurultaj Festival is usually held in the village of Bugac. Many festival goers wear traditional dress, and take part in such activities as horse-riding and archery. Visitors can also see various displays and exhibitions dedicated to Hungarian folklore.


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Celebrating the 15 Percent

In response to the backlash generated by this Cheerios commercial, a beautiful Tumblr blog voices support for interracial families and brings them to the limelight.

We Are the 15 Percent showcases a crowd-sourced collection of photos of mixed couples and families, captioned with names and locations. Michael David Murphy and Alyson West created their Tumblr blog, by way of pointing out that while 15 percent of new marriages in the US are interracial, “it still feels rare to see something like the Cheerios ad represented in mainstream culture.” The couple sees the site as a simple yet effective way to correct the imbalance of public opinion.