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Red Rain Might Provide Proof of Alien Life

I don’t usually put much stock in articles from The Huffington Post, but I found this one intriguing:

A two-month rain storm in southern India may be the most compelling evidence yet that extraterrestrial lifeforms have visited Earth.
Between July 25 and Sept. 23, 2012, the Indian state of Kerala was drenched by bizarre red-colored rain unlike any seen previously, according to the latest episode of“The Unexplained Files,” airing Sept. 25 on the Science Channel. Continue reading

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Anti-GMO Activists Launch Fishy Art Car Campaign

Fishy Art Cars set to launch anti-GMO campaign on August 5th reports Arin Greenwood at the Huffington Post:

On August fish — sorry, make that August 5th — anti-GMO activists will be launching a nationwide demonstration with a visual punch.
fish tomato car
Part of that punch is a car topped by a fish tomato sculpture, nicknamed Fishy Tomato, a reference to the much-vilified DNA Plant Technology hybrid that mixed a tomato with genetic material from the Arctic flounder. (The hope was that this twist would help the tomatoes be more durable, to stay mush-free longer. What they became is iconic to activists who favor restrictions on the production and sale of genetically modified food.)
Eighteen activists in six art cars, including Fishy Tomato (above), each affixed with a fish-mix sculpture — fish apple, fish soy, fish wheat, and so on — will travel from D.C. to Seattle’s Hempfest, with many stops in between, including one at the Missouri headquarters of Monsanto, a biotech company, for an overnight camping protest. Continue reading