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The Importance of a Healthy Gut

In his blog “Turning the Tide” Dr. David Glass discusses pre-biotics, probiotics and most recently – postbiotics.

Post-biotics are metabolites of the bacteria in the intestine that have beneficial activities on the body.  These include short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) such as propionate, butyrate and acetate (vinegar).  I remember learning about these substances way back in physiology class in 2nd year medicine, but in those days their role in health was relatively unknown.  We will discuss these in more detail.  Here is a scientific report of research showing the benefits of a high fibre diet in managing viral infections, and particularly suppressing the cytokine storm – one of the really dangerous consequences of Covid-19 infections.

This is particularly relevant in our Covid-19 pandemic, as a healthy gut means a better immune system to protect you against the ravages of this frightening disease.

Up to 97% of Americans, and most probably most Westernised societies, are starved of fibre.  This is the greatest nutritional deficiency in our modern age.  Recommended daily fibre intake for women is 25 gms, and for men 38 gms.  Note that no animal product has dietary fibre.  There is no fibre in red meat, or white meat, or dairy products or eggs.  (This is one of the big problems with a Banting or ketogenic diet).  Most processed foods have had fibre removed.  Thus white bread and pastries have very little fibre.

Dr. Glass suggests his readers…

…make sure you are increasing the diversity of your gut microbiome by ingesting a wide variety of plants and their fibres to boost your immunity.