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Top Tofu Producer to Display Non-GMO Project Verification

Nasoya announces plan to display the Non-GMO Project Verification seal on pack in PR Newswire.

Nasoya, America’s #1 brand of tofu, today announced that all of its tofu products will soon display the Non-GMO Project Verification seal on pack.  Nasoya tofu has long been produced using Non-GMO ingredients, and the brand is proud to display the independent verification to help consumers make easy choices in order to avoid genetically modified organisms. The independent verification comes in time for October’s Non-GMO Month, and consumers will start to see the Non-GMO Project Verification seal on Nasoya tofu as early as November at grocers nationwide.
“Consumers overwhelmingly want to know what’s in their food with 92% reporting they want labeling on genetically modified foods1,” said Tim Kenny, VP of Marketing at Nasoya. “We’re proud to give tofu lovers what they want: a Non-GMO Project Verified option that’s available nationally. Both our core Nasoya tofu as well as our Tofu Plus will be Non-GMO Project verified.” Continue reading


No oversight of GM foods by FDA

Karma Allen of CNBC points out that if you want to know if a product is genetically modified – don’t ask the FDA:

Last year $2.4 billion worth of products were sold with a label saying they do not contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms, but the claim wasn’t backed by any government regulatory agency.

Instead, it came from the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit organization that offers third-party verification that food products are not genetically modified.

Natural food retailers started the Non-GMO Project, according to [Megan] Westgate [Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project].

“They were getting a lot of questions from shoppers about how to avoid GMOs. It became clear that in the absence of mandatory labeling we needed to have a third-party verification system,” she said.

Since 2008 the organization has supplied a verification mark for products that have undergone its review process. More than 500 brands carry the Non-GMO seal.

The process of earning the label is rigorous, and ongoing testing is required for all ingredients that are at high risk of GMO contamination, Westgate said.