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Cooperatives Responsible for 3% of GDP in New Zealand

Scoop Business Independent News reports on the contributions cooperatives make to New Zealand’s economy:

Showing a combined annual revenue of $41,129,034,964 for the year 2011-12, the Top 40 cooperatives in New Zealand ranged from Fonterra Cooperative Group and Foodstuffs at the top through Southern Cross Healthcare Society and Mitre10 to Ashburton Trading Society, the Dairy Goat Cooperative and World Travellers, with the NZ Honey Producers Cooperative coming in at #40.
“I think it is important that New Zealanders sit up and take notice of cooperatives; they help drive the economy, respond to social change and create jobs in a variety of sectors. While they may often be low profile, they are significant economic actors,” said Minister Foss. Continue reading

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New Technology Helps Preserve Indigenous Culture

In an interview with Radio Australia, Dr Kirsty Gillespie discusses how new technology can help to preserve the music and culture of indigenous peoples:

Dr Kirsty Gillespie is an ethno-musicologist has studied music and culture in the remote Lake Kopiago region in the highlands and the Lihir Island in New Ireland province in Papua New Guinea.

You can listen to the interview here.

Papua New Guinea Music  from Lihir: