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Profiteers Prosecuted in Malaysia

What a quaint idea – prosecuting profiteers!  In the United States we would celebrate these guys as shrewd businessmen.

Complain Against Traders Profiteering From KR1M Goods Being Investigated
RAUB, Dec 31 (Bernama) — The Pahang Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Office (PPDNKK) is investigating a complaint that unscrupulous traders have been profiteering from Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KRI1M) by buying goods in bulk and repacking them to be sold at higher prices.
State Entrepreneur Cooperatives and Consumerism chairman Datuk Shahiruddin Ab Moin said the PPDNKK took a serious view of the unethical practice and if proven, stern action would be taken against the traders.
He said PPDNKK officers should go down on the ground more often to enlighten the public on its role and that of consumers in addressing profiteering by traders.

If you are wondering what KR1M goods are, you can read about them here.