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Who Knew This Could Happen?!!!

A spectacular video from Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota demonstrates the incredible capabilities of nature.  The footage is of snow getting pushed ashore in the spring.  This is called an ice shove or shoreline ice pile up.  It is a surge of ice from an ocean or large lake onto the shore. They are caused by ocean currents, strong winds, or temperature changes.  Ice shove’s usually are not this drastic.


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Saturday’s Prayer

In the animation above, from the NFB’s 1977 “Poets on Film No. 1,” Canadian actor Paul Hecht reads Cohen’s poem “A Kite is a Victim,” from his 1961 collection The Spice-Box of Earth. “A Kite is a Victim” is about process, it’s a formal meditation focused on the image of the kite, which flutters through each of the four stanzas in metaphors of taming, capturing and nurturing language, then letting it go, hoping to be made “worthy and lyric and pure.”

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Whisky and Poetry Salon

It doesn’t get better than this!

In November 2012, Kim Ohanneson & Karolyn Kiisel of Literary Libations, and Johnnie “theScot” Mundell, “ambassador” for Morrison-Bowmore Scotch, inaugurated the Whisky & Poetry Salon at the B Black Penthouse in DTLA (downtown Los Angeles).
Our goal has been to trade guests “whisky for their words”, to create an intimate literary and poetic community, to share the work of significant but under-exposed poets from the Los Angeles community and beyond, and, of course, to drink some really top-drawer scotch!
Every two months, Salon attendees bring a poem, original or not, and read it in a candlelit loft surrounded by 30-40 whisky and poetry aficionados. In return, they get a flight of fine whiskies with tasting notes and history.

If you live in Los Angeles (or want to go there) and wish to attend, you can find the information here.