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The Cost of Conventional Food to Society

Dr. Stan Gardener shares his perspective on the cost society pays for conventional food in his article Pay the Farmer or Pay Pharma.  This was published in the Meridian Magazine by the LDS Church.  It is refreshing to see them take this on. If all the churches followed suit, we might see significant changes to our agricultural policy sooner rather than later.

What is the Cost to Society for Conventional Food?

Although there is much more to spraying food than just pesticides, let’s examine the costs of pesticide use.

The Textbook of Environmental Toxicology by J. Rose, printed in 2005, identified the following costs in the US from pesticide-related illness:

  • $6,759,000 Hospitalized poisonings (2380 x 2.84 x $1000/day)
  • $17,010,000 Outpatient poisonings (27,000 x $630)
  • $1,760,000 Lost work due to poisoning (4680 x 4.7 x $80/day)
  • $48,400,000 Cancer treatment (12,000 x $70,700/case)
  • $59,400,000 Cost of fatalities (27 x $2.2 M) Continue reading